Defending Your Business


Ask any business person who has been through a lawsuit and they will tell you the legal process is a major battle that often brings disruption to both their business and personal life. Make no mistake, if your dispute is serious, you will need a law firm experienced in preparing and executing a comprehensive litigation strategy. If you are involved in a legal dispute or believe that one may develop, the single most important thing you can do is consult with an experienced trial attorney and outline a comprehensive strategy as soon as possible. will provide a litigation consultation report which is a unique and valuable product. This litigation consultation report addresses all the significant elements and issues which impact a legal dispute. It will include, among other things, a detailed opinion of the issues involved, the likely outcome, evaluation of damages and financial consequences, the cost to defend, and a "to do list" of important tasks. For details we invite you to visit our consultation report segment in this website.

The following are things you should know about litigation:

  • Third parties are often obligated to pay for your legal representation and may be required to settle any judgment or settlement on your behalf. Litigation attorneys know how to find these third parties.
  • There are many procedural protections which exist in the State and Federal Courts and administrative tribunals. In many cases, however, there are a number of conditions which must be satisfied in order to qualify for these protections. These procedural protections often determine the outcome of the dispute.
  • Communication is of critical importance! What you communicate either verbally or in writing will almost always have a substantial impact on the outcome of any dispute. It is imperative to know what to do or say and what not to do or say.
  • "Litigating in your backyard" is often one of the most overlooked strategies in successful litigation. Typically the party who litigates at home has a substantial advantage over those who are at a distance. There are ways in which to set jurisdiction and venue without actually initiating hostilities. This single strategy can have a great impact on the outcome of the litigation.
  • Trial attorneys are often more familiar with laws that impact litigation.
  • When are you better off with a bench trial as opposed to a jury?
  • What are the financial consequences of a judgment and how will it impact your business interests?
  • What judgment protections are available?
  • How to collect judgments or enforce Court orders?
  • How you can deal with claims or litigation where the sole motivation has been to harass or disrupt your business?

There are countless other important considerations that go into the mix of providing a comprehensive legal defense. Experienced trial attorneys don't waste time. They focus on what is essential and can develop incisive strategies that are both efficient and cost effective. So if you are facing legal action, in the midst of litigation, or simply need a second opinion, click onto the Contact Us link and provide us with the necessary information. An attorney from our firm will contact you in the near future.

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