Consultation Report

If you are facing litigation or are presently involved in litigation, one of the most valuable investments you can make is to secure a litigation consultation report. We have discussed the value of such a report in our web page This segment of our website details the scope of the Bullaro and Carton litigation consultation report. 

A comprehensive litigation consultation report should include the following specific areas or review and analysis:

  • Outline of relevant facts such as communication, events, documents, and materials.
  • Discussion of applicable law, both procedural and substantive.
  • Detailed evaluation of liability or the outcome of the dispute.
  • Opinions regarding financial and dispute resolution considerations, such as verdict, settlement, specific performance, and cost of defense.
  • Outline of strategies to achieve the most desirable dispute resolution.
  • Guidance regarding communications, practices, procedures, and policies to be followed or avoided in anticipation of litigation, including a "to do list" of important tasks.

 If you are in need of a litigation consultation report and would like to explore using our law firm to provide you with that report, you can inquire by way of the Contact Us segment in this site.

The Contact Us segment will provide you with an opportunity to state the general nature of your dispute and the manner or means for confidential communication.  Once we receive your inquiry an attorney from our office will contact you to discuss and decide on the scope of services you would like our law firm to provide and our fees for such services.  We will not undertake the preparation of a litigation consultation report until such time as we have reached an agreement to do so.  If the arrangements are acceptable we will initiate the preparation of that report and provide it within an agreed upon time frame.  There are circumstances under which  the report can be expedited. 

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