A. Mark O'Danovich


Mark O'Danovich is a partner of Bullaro & Carton, P.C. His primary practice is defending product liability, construction, transportation liability, premises liability and motor vehicle cases in Illinois and Indiana.  Mr. O'Danovich has successfully tried, mediated and arbitrated high-exposure cases on behalf of individuals and corporations in state and federal courts in Illinois and Indiana.  

In 2013, he was selected by the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin as one of the "40 Illinois Lawyers Under 40 To Watch".

In 2019 and 2020, he was selected for inclusion in Illinois Super Lawyers. 

Mr. O'Danovich has litigated multiple cases on behalf of commercial transportation companies and construction companies, both large and small, involving catastrophic injuries and death.  In the product liability area, Mr. O'Danovich has litigated cases on behalf of domestic and foreign companies involving batteries, mastic removers, various acids, fireworks, industrial baghouse dust collectors at steel mills, refractory, carrying strap assemblies, thermostats for grain bins and other manufacturing equipment.  After an initial stint as in house defense counsel, Mr. O'Danovich also represented plaintiffs in personal injury matters in Indianapolis where he tried cases to verdict.  Mr. O'Danovich has tried 20 cases to verdict in llinois and Indiana.

Mr. O'Danovich has argued before the Illinois Appellate Court for the First District in Chraca v. U.S. Battery Manufacturing, et al, 24N.E.3d 183 (1st Dist. 2014).

Education/Bar Admissions

Mr. O'Danovich received his B.A. in Political Science and History in 1995 from Indiana University at Blooomington.  He received his J.D. in 1998 from John Marshall School of Law.

He was admitted to the Illinois bar in 1998, the Indiana bar in 1998 and also has been admitted to the following federal trial courts:

  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois
  • U.S. District Court, Central District of Illinois
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of Illinois
  • U.S. District Court, Northern District of Indiana
  • U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana 

Professional Memberships

Mr. O'Danovich has been a member of the following professional organizations:

  • Illinois State Bar Association
  • Indiana Trial Lawyers Association
  • Indiana State Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

Past Speaking Engagements

Mr. O'Danovich's speaking engagements have included giving seminars for paramedics at Christ Hospital concerning reporting requirements and update on applicable local laws for the provision of medical treatment, The Emergency Medical Services Act and for accident reporting for a major construction materials supplier/manufacturer.

Representative Matters

Keen v. Indiana Harbor Coke Company and Sunoco Inc.

Superior Court of Lake County, Ind.                                 Achieved settlement for a nominal amount.  Plaintiff, a fitter and lineman for the railroad, was struck by a coke train at Indiana Harbor Coke Company (IHCC) at midnight.  The train was proceeding northbound without a working headlamp and whistle and struck plaintiff as his truck attempted to cross rail tracks.  Plaintiff sustained  severe injuries including a compound fracture to the left ulna, fractured left radius, fractured left ankle, left leg fracture, right fibular fracture, skull fracture and various left skull injuries and abrasions.  Plaintiff incurred $460,000 in medical expenses, ($360,000 past and $100,000 future) and $225,000 in prior lost wages for total specials of $685,000.  IHCC moved to dismiss arguing that plaintiff's claim was barred by the exclusivity section of Worker's Compensation Act as he was an employee of IHCC or in the alternative dual employee of IHCC and Mittal Steel, an unnamed entity. This matter was resolved for nominal amount shortly after the motion to dismiss was filed.  Sunoco, Inc. was dismissed via summary judgement.

Brewster v. SCR Medical Transportation Company 

Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois                               Achieved settlement for one-tenth of plaintiff's medical expenses. Plaintiff, a wheelchair bound veteran, fell out of a medical transportation van during the loading process while being taken to the VA Hospital.  After the incident, he was admitted to the VA as an inpatient for approximately one year diagnosed with a concussion, head injury, stroke and bacterial meningitis.  For some time, plaintiff remained in a coma like state.  Plaintiff incurred $6 million in medical expenses, including subsequent nursing home care.  The defense infectious disease specialits and other primary care providers.  No physician was able to state conclusively whether plaintiff's treatment was due to pre-existing or a new onset of meningitis.  Other physicians at the VA stated that there was not enough data to link causation to bacterial meningitis and believed his symptoms may have been caused by a trauma induced stroke.

Estate of Maffit v Wheelabrator Air Pollution Control Inc. and Beta Steel Corporation        

Superior Court of Porter County, Indiana                         Achieved settlement for less than costs of defense. Plaintiff, an employee of a sub-contractor retained by Beta Steel to clean the 26 hoppers of a bag house, suffered a horrific death inside one of the hoppers.  The bag house, the size of a small city block, is an air pollution control device that filters dust from the air generated in the steel making process.  The dust, called KO2, filters through large cylindrical cloth bags, the excess of which falls into the hoppers for transport by a conveyor belt into a large receptacle.  Plaintiff, working inside the last hopper air lancing the sides where hot, sticky dust accumulates was killed when a large amount of material fell and engulfed him up in his chest.  Plaintiff died due to asphyxiation.  Plaintiff filed a product liability claim agains WAPC claiming strict liability and negligent manufacturer and design defects including a negligent failure to warn.

Cenar v. Doka USA and Anthony Hudson        

Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois                               Achieved favorable and confidential settlement on behalf of the defendants.  Plaintiff, and experienced cyclist, while riding her bicycle northbound on LaSalle Blvd., was struck by a semi-tractor trailer making a right turn onto Chicago Avenue in a no truck zone.  Numerous conflicting versions as to how the incident occurred were provided by the parties and the 5 witnesses.  Plaintiff suffered severe injuries including multiple pelvic and leg fractures, among others, and underwent 14 surgeries. Plaintiff incurred in excess of $1,000,000 in medical expenses.  Dozens of depostions occurred across the U.S. and Europe.

Laguardia v. Marcus Evans Belcaster Construction, et al.        

Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois                               Achieved favorable settlement for the defendant. Plaintiff, a construction worker for Cable Max Construction, was laying tile in a computer room when he fell into an open floor tile area littered with boxes and debris from numerous contractors who were rehabbing the 25th floor at NBC Tower.  Marcus Evans a foreign defendant moving into the space, retained numerous contractors including the general contractor and the electrical company who had priamary responsibilities throughout the entire floor including the computer room.  Plaintiff, who fell approximately 18 incehs to 2 feet into the hole, suffered a severe back injury and underwent two surgeries, both of which failed to achieve any amount of success.  He was declared disabled by almost all of his physicians including the medical examiner retained to examine him.  Plaintiff could not engage in any meaningful physical work ever again.  Plaintiff incurred in excess of $300,000 in medical expenses and a considerable amount of lost wages as he had not worked for 5 years after the incident.  Numerous depositions took place throughout the United States and England, revealing significant compaarative fault on the plaintiff, the general contractor and the electrical company.

Estate of Bus v. Village of Bridgeview, Andell Holdings, CBS, et al.        

Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois                               Achieved favorable settlement for defendant Village in medical malpractice case. Plaintiff, a Standard Parking employee, suffered a heart attack and died while working at Toyota Park at a B96 Bash concert. Village of Bridgeview police and other personnel were summoned to the scene by bystanders who then coordinated a massive medical response. Bridgeview paramedics and police officers worked to resuscitate plaintiff for 25 minutes at the scene before establishing an airway and then transported him to the hospital where he was defibrillated without success. Plaintiff filed a medical malpractice suit claiming there was a delay in the response time, inadequate medical care and the failure to arrive with the appropriate lifesaving equipment.

Simpson v. US Steel Corp. v. KT Grant, et al.        

Superior Court of Lake County, Indiana                           Obtained dismissal of KT Grant by agreement 8 months before trial.  Plaintiff's decedent, a 26 year old male, married with 2 children, was an employee of a subcontractor hired by US Steel to clean the inside of a hot metal mixer.  The decedant was killed when a 1 ton piece of refractory detached from the roof of the mixer and landed on him.  The mixer, the shape of a football roughly 100 feet long and 30 feet high, rotated, allowing the floor and ceiling of the mixer to be cleaned so new refractory could be installed.  KT Grant, a subcontractor of US Steel, used high powered refractory busting machines to knock loose old refractory from the walls of the mixer.  KT Grant performed all of its work from the outside of the mixer by inserting a flexible rod into the pouring spout knocking and pounding loose all refractory within 10 fee of the spout.

E&V Construction CPD Development v. The Landplan Group, et al.        

Superior Court of Allen County, Indiana                           Achieved settlement for a favorable amount.  Plaintiffs purchased property to start a business in 2008.  After hiring the defendants to perform construction services to the lot including the erection of a large warehouse complex, luxury office space and the design of a loading dock to accommodate two 72 semi-tractor trailers, CPD Development complained that the truck docks on the north side of the building were inadequate and that The Landplan Group and other defendants did not conduct a truck turn radius study to ensure that two 72 foot semi-tractor trailers could maneuver in the truck docks simultaneously.  The defendant filed a summary judgment seeking to have CPD's negligence count dismissed as being a claim for economic loss in tort and the claim for third party beneficiary of contract between the insured and E&V as not satisfying the stringent requirements to meet the status.

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